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Hedgerow Hell 2.0

These rules are not finished but being worked on. This document only contains differences compared to vers. 1.0. At this state it is merely a collection of my thoughts and ideas and not very readable I'm afraid.

Main idea: use real Risus clichés instead of "health" and "morale".
steady rifleman
good comrade
agressive smg gunner
hotheaded fanatic
honorable grenadier
baseball player
music lover
homesick rifleman
loving father


To become a soldier you need:
Squad role cliché
One or more skill related clichés
One or more morale/psyke related clichés
One or more health/body related clichés

Used to determine initiative.

        Cost  No. of dice to roll for initiative
pvt     0     1
cpl     1     2
sgt     2     3
2nd lt  3     4
1st lt  4     5
cpt     5     6
maj     6     7

At creation you can opt to buy yourself a rank in order to improve your initiative. Otherwise you start out as pvt. and roll for promotion after each mission.

Your role in the squad is determined by your role cliché.

SMG Gunner
MG Gunner

The role cliché is used for firing and other appropriate skill related tasks. If you have another appropriate skill related cliché you may opt to use that instead.

Skill related clichés:
Used for tasks and conflicts that involve skill if appropriate.

Morale/psyke related clichés:
Used for tasks and conflicts that are psychological in nature. For example being under fire trying not to lose morale. Losing a conflict means losing morale.

Health/body/senses related clichés:
Used for tasks and conflicts that require physical involvement. Losing a conflict means losing health.

All clichés belong to at least one of these 3 catagories:
1. skills               attack, fighting hand-to-hand, hiding
2. morale/psyke         defence against gunfire, becoming pinned/suppressed
3. health/body/senses   health fresh/wounded/dead, fighting hand-to-hand, scouting, hiding
Maybe 2 catagories is enough:
1. health/body/senses/skills
2. morale/psyke

Example: shooting
Use one of your skill clichés against one of the enemys morale clichés:
steady rifleman(4) - good comrade(3)
agressive smg gunner(3) - hotheaded fanatic[2]
honorable grenadier(2) - sportsfan(2)

Example: Throwing a handgrenade
baseball player(4) - music lover(3)
homesick rifleman(4) - loving father(4)

SHOOTING *************** ahh nej check lige med min tidligere vers.
Single action conflict. Attacker uses role cliché and defender a morale cliché of his own choice. One die of the attack roll must be in a different color. This is the ammo die. A roll of 1 on the ammo die means your weapons magazine is empty or the gun jams. Roll the ammo die again. A roll of 1 means a jam, 2-6 means your weapon clicks. A reload action takes 1 round. You carry enough ammo for 5 reloads. To clear a jam takes as many actions as it takes you to roll 5 or 6 on the ammo die.

3 1's (or all 1's if less than 3 dice) means magazine runs empty or jams. roll 1d6. 1 means jam. 2-6 empty.

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