NB! This is not a finished work and have not been play tested. It is just thoughts and ideas.

Micro RPG
by Lars Erik Larsen

Copyright 2002 Lars Erik Larsen

vers 0.3

• 1d6 for everything
• only 2 stats to keep track of

A character:

Character Generation
Choose name, job, weakness and goal. Alot points to job and weakness. Rookies start with 2 job points. Veterans with 4. Experts with 5. Set a goal for the character that will function as a guiding light in his life making it a lot easier to roleplay him.

Task Difficulty
Roll 1d6. Success if:
roll <= job level + task
If job level + task < 1 use 1 instead.
If job level + task > 6 use 6 instead (i.e. it is an automatic success).

3+ laughable
2 very easy
1 easy
0 medium
-1 hard
-2 very hard
-3+ crazy

Difference between job level and roll indicates degree of success.

Degree of Success
3+: fantastic
2: very good
1: good
0: ok
-1: bad
-2: very bad
-3+: catastrophic

Weakness Resist Roll:
When trying to resist giving in to a weakness, a roll > weakness level + temptation indicates success.

1. prolonged combat
2. single action conflict

1. Prolonged Combat
a) 2 combatants
b) team combat

a) 2 combatants
aa) Combat Resolution Option 1
Both roll. The player with the highest level of success wins the round.

The total of their success levels indicates the severity of the damage caused: 1-2 causes loss of 1 job point. 3+ ends the combat with a catastrophic result for the loser.

ab) Combat Resolution Option 2
Both simultanously indicate whether they wish to fight, dodge or aim in this round. A dodger has 1 job point extra this round but can not cause damage. An aimer gets 1 job point extra for next round. If he loses the current round though he also loses his aim bonus. Use rock-paper-scissors for fight-dodge-aim to simultanously indicate your stance for the current round.

b) team combat
Team member with best roll represents the team in this round. This member also takes any damage suffered. Roll if even.

Team member with best roll represents the team in this round. Any team member may volunteer to take any damage suffered. If so team gets 1 job point extra for next round. Roll if no one volunteers.

Teams use their average job level and and average roll as roll result.

Roll to see which result of the team members should be used to represent the team in this round. Member with highest job level takes any damage suffered. Roll if even.

2. Single Action Conflict
Fight 1 round of normal combat.

Character Advancment
After each adventure roll 1d6. If roll > job level your character gains 1 level.

If your character gave in to his weakness 1 or more times you must roll for weakness advancement too.

Example of serious PC's

"The Nest"

Players are a team of WWII infantry men on a mission to save a private Brian. Walking towards a hill they encounter an enemy machinegun nest(5).

freezes under fire(2)
career officer

smg gunner(3)
get his comrades home alive

save his life

have fun

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