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Full Plastic Jacket
by Lars Erik Larsen

Copyright 2002 Lars Erik Larsen

vers 0.3

I'm sure this has been done to death before but I am doing it anyway: Introducing junior to war gaming by putting a few rules on top of the usual army men play sessions.

The aim is to have enough rules but not too many. You will want the game to flow along almost as if it was free play.

Remember not to force these or any other rules upon junior. Dependent on juniors age some or even all sessions might be better spent just playing with the soldiers instead of gaming. War gaming should be fun and not some strict rules junior is forced to follow by his war game crazy dad.

Player in turn performs either a, b or c:
a) Long move
b) Short move + fire (in any order, even move+fire+move)
c) Aimed fire

Use a ruler, stick or lego block and let "short move" be 1 ruler and "long move" be 2 rulers.

roll (1+x)d6

aimed fire +1
good weapon (eg. machinegun) +1
better weapon (eg. bazooka) +2
even better weapon (eg. tank/artillery/mortar): +3 (blast area: a hand spread or 1 ruler radius)
enemy tank: -2
enemy cover -1
high ground +1
enemy high ground -1

5,6: hit

Taking key objectives will earn you reinforcements.

Take the enemy base.

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